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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a Master’s level regulated healthcare profession that focuses on promoting good health and wellbeing. Its primary goal is to help individuals develop necessary skills that maximize their ability to participate in the activities of daily life. This in turn greatly improves the quality of life for patients.

Occupational therapists use evidence-based practices to conduct assessment and formulate interventions that develop and improve the activities, or occupations, of individuals.

Occupational therapy helps to resolve problems that interfere with a person’s ability to conduct everyday “occupations”. For example,

  • Life:     hygiene, dressing, eating, food preparation
  • Work:  employment, school
  • and
  • Play:    hobbies, sports, social activities

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Concussion & Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab

What is a traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is an injury to your brain, plain and simple. This can manifest from a mild concussion to severe cognitive damage.

TBI is caused when the brain is subject to sudden movements that cause the brain to bounce or twist inside the skull. This leads to the brain’s cells being stretched and damaged and may even cause chemical changes in the brain. Examples of such traumatizing forces are blows to the head such as car accidents or sporting injuries, and falls.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury and must always be taken very seriously. Successive concussions can be exponentially worse. The more we learn about the brain, the more we realize how impactful and damaging concussion can be.

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Raincoast Community Rehabilitation was spotlighted in an article on

"This Living Wage Employer provides community occupational therapy and supporting services to injured British Columbians, particularly survivors of traumatic brain injury, concussion, psychological, and mental health injuries. The company under various iterations has been around for over 35 years.

As a Living Wage employer, Raincoast has commited to paying its 24 employees and 12 consultants a living wage. Although regulated professionals tend to earn more than living wages, it is important that all staff members receive wages that allow them to live meaningfully in their communities."

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Personal Information Protection Policy

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Anytime that we collect personal information, we do so in full compliance with federal and provincial legislation (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection Act). We will advise you of the reasons, methods, and circumstances under which we might collect, use, and disclose your personal information. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our head office (1-800-535-9988).

Here are three of our commitments to you:

  1. Raincoast will only obtain the information necessary to determine your suitability for services. Basic personal information and contact information may already exist from referring sources, physician, or other agency.

  2. Raincoast will only use information relevant to the client’s participation in our rehabilitation program. We securely safeguard and preserve the confidentiality of all personal information, including the manner in which that information is secured and disclosed internally.

  3. Raincoast will only disclose your personal information to a third party with your written authorization. There are rare exceptions where we are lawfully required to disclose information under court order or similar authority. Individuals have the right to access their personal information. However, if Raincoast obtained the information through a referring source, we would advise the individual to contact that source directly.