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ICBC Enhanced Care for GPs

Raincoast Rehab – Brain Injury Assessment – ICBC Enhanced Care

Let's Manage Change Together

Effective May 1st, ICBC’s Enhanced Care requires BC family doctors to manage the rehabilitation of their MVA patients and direct injured patients to appropriate preapproved treatments, including occupational therapy.

We Can Help!

We provide ICBC occupational therapy services to survivors of traumatic brain, concussion, and mental health injuries as an ICBC authorized health partner.

We can provide case management for your patients under the new Enhanced Care model and ensure the highest standards of care. Physicians maintain custody of the file and we provide an interdisciplinary health team lead by our board-certified occupational therapists.

Please contact us for more information about ICBC occupational therapy and enhanced care services.

Head Injury

Mental Health

Catastrophic Injury

Physical Injury

Chronic Pain

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain, and it is a poorly understood diagnosis that can be life changing and debilitating.

Our occupational therapists are well versed in chronic pain management, and will provide you with education and resources to help you learn to manage the pain. While we are unable to make the pain “go away”, our interventions and support will help you to become more active and productive, taking control of your pain rather than letting it control you.

Our occupational therapists work with you in a safe and comfortable environment, and are committed to working at your own pace to see you succeed on your path to improved quality and enjoyment of life.

Home Assessment and Equipment

Our occupational therapists are able to complete assessments for wheelchairs or scooters, so that they can be funded via an insurance company.

Home modifications or equipment recommendations to allow an individual to remain independent at home can also be provided.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Concussion and brain injury rehabilitation information